This summer, we want to inspire people to connect with nature. To go on adventures close to home with their loved ones so that they can feel restored and grounded. In bringing this idea to life we sought out artists inspired by the outdoors. An ode to revelling in the everyday, because you don’t always need to go far to explore.

Filmmakers inspired by exploration

The Road to Adventure story was captured by the Motion Brothers. This Queenstown based dynamic duo seek to spread good vibes everywhere they go. Travelling the world together, they create films reminding us that adventure is around every corner.

Jordan Ranson

Jordan Ranson never wanted to be chained to a desk. After following the prescribed path for a couple of years he decided to make a change, teaching himself how to use a camera from scratch to document his developing wanderlust. With hard work and perseverance he carved out a niche as a travelling content creator, working to live, rather than living to work.

@motionbrosnz / @jc_ranson

Wesley Jarman

Like Jordan, Wes knew that a conventional life wasn’t for him. After working numerous jobs in the big smoke he pursued a career in the outdoors, which led to the creation of the Motion Brothers. He lives to take himself out of his comfort zone, and experience every moment of joy and exhilaration along the way.

@motionbrosnz / @wesleyjarman1

The Nearness Project

The Road to Adventure artwork was created by Alia Wilhelm and Anna White. In April 2020, the two artists co-founded the Nearness Project, an online art platform that documents the various responses to changes brought on by COVID-19. Created for contributors and readers to seek inspiration from each other’s experiences during this strange time, it encourages self-reflection and opens conversations about mental health - an opportunity to slow down and process what’s happening to us.

Alia Wilhelm

Alia Wilhelm is a collage artist, photographer. Based in London, she creates work for a variety of brands and publications all over the world. With both Nearness and her other work, she hopes to encourage open conversations about mental health and to inspire people to get creative as a way to process what's happening to society post COVID-19.


Anna White

Anna White is an illustrator based in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, passionate about creating art that unites society. Her work has been featured in Rookie and the Smithsonian magazine, as well as a host of other renowned titles.


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