How RFIDtech can help protect you while travelling

When you travel with peace of mind you’re more likely to enjoy your trip. In light of this, we’ve developed a range of products that contain Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

What is RFIDtech and how does it work?

The origin of RFIDtech can be traced back to World War II – when both sides were using radar to warn about approaching planes.

These days RFIDtech is used as a wireless way of transmitting information from a chip to a scanner (or reader). An RFID scanner needs to be in close proximity to a chip in order to read its radio waves.

How RFID technology works
How RFID technology works

Although this technology has been around for a long time, it’s only over the last few years that it’s been added to travel bags, pouches, wallets and clothing.

Why RFIDtech is being introduced to our travel products

There is a risk of your passport or credit cards becoming victims of digital theft while you’re travelling. It’s possible that someone could use a scanner to read and duplicate your personal information without your knowledge.

This potential risk has led to the development of products that aim to block RFID and prevent illicit scanning of your vital data.

What frequency will RFIDtech protect against?

There are three different frequencies. They are:

  • Low frequency (30-300 kHz)
  • High frequency (13.56 MHz)
  • Ultra high frequency (300 MHz to 3 GHz)

If you have RFIDtech in your travel wallet or clothing, it will most likely safeguard against the high frequency range. A digital thief would need to be within a distance of one metre of your RFID enabled passport or credit cards to pick up this frequency.

Protect your passport and credit card details with our new wearable RFID
Protect your passport and credit card details with our new wearable RFID

Keep your data safe by travelling with RFIDtech

You might find that your next journey to a foreign city comes with the dilemma of either keeping your passport and credit cards on you, or leaving them at your accommodation. You’ll probably make that decision based on how security is on the street and where you’re staying.

If you decide to keep your valuables on your body, you may want the added security of RFID blocking accessories to help prevent digital theft. Whether in the form of a pouch, belt bag, travel wallet or a safe pocket in your clothes, RFIDtech can be your extra barrier of protection.

Should a RFID scanning device come within close proximity, your passport and credit card information could theoretically be scanned.

Although currently rare, digital theft from some RFID enabled credit cards and passports has been demonstrated by security researchers. You may want to protect your information before this kind of digital theft becomes a bigger issue.


Does your credit card or passport use RFIDtech?

There’s a simple way to tell whether your credit card or passport uses RFID technology. Look for the symbol below on the front of your credit card.

The standard RFID symbol
The standard RFID symbol

Likewise, check if your passport shows the following symbol on its front cover.

Passports with RFID chips show this symbol
Passports with RFID chips show this symbol

If these symbols are present, RFID technology is used. You might want to consider wearing a discreet, concealable solution on your body – to keep your digital information secure.

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