Controlling body odour with Polygiene

When you’re hiking a multiday trail and need to pause to assess where that smell is coming from – only to realise it’s your own clothing – it’s time to consider some body odour-controlling Polygiene gear.

Polygiene: the move to funk-resistant fabric

Any physical activity makes our bodies produce sweat. It’s natural and odourless but when you mix it with materials, a moist and warm environment is created – ideal for helping bacteria grow and multiply. This environment is the source of bad body odour.

Those who love the outdoors for its physical and mental benefits are taking on longer and tougher adventures. In the U.S alone, the number of hikers increased by 50 per cent between 2006 and 2017, as the influence of social media and digital media broadened our awareness, understanding and appreciation for the outdoors.

With this rise in hiking comes an inevitable rise in body odour, as we all head out and push our clothes and our bodies to their maximum potential. With multi-day hikes reducing our ability to wear fresh clothes each day, we seek apparel that will last multiple days without causing any of us to feint on the trail from the smell of the guy ahead. So it was only natural that a solution to body odour control wasn’t far away.

Designed to prevent bacteria and fungi from growing at the source, that solution is Polygiene™.

Woman wearing polygiene jumpsuit

How Polygiene works

Polygiene is integrated into fabric to kill bacteria on your outdoor clothing while ensuring it’s safe to wear against your skin. Polygiene particles are too large to penetrate your skin, while Polygiene does not stop you or interfere with your natural perspiration nor with your natural bacterial flora that comes from your skin. This means you can sweat healthily, continuing to use your body's natural cooling processes. 

Polygiene is a textile treatment with antimicrobial properties for permanent body odour control. The treatment is applied at the finishing stages of textile production. As a Medical Class 1 approved material in Europe, Polygiene sits in the same class that includes bandages for direct contact with wounds, ensuring its safe utilisation as a textile.

Using the power of silver

Polygiene materials help control body odour through the use of silver chloride (which is naturally present in our soils and our drinking water), which is sourced 100% sustainably from industrial and photographic material sources. A miniscule amount of silver is used to treat an individual piece of fabric, while its application at the same time as other treatments means that it does not require extra energy, water or treatment in its use. 

Take advantage of Polygiene's benefits

Washing and drying your clothing can account for up to two thirds of its environmental impact. A huge positive of Polygiene-treated textiles is that you can wash them less often.

There are a number of benefits you’ll enjoy from wearing one of our Polygiene-enhanced products, including:

  • Body odour control. Polygiene keeps the stink away so you’ll be able to keep wearing your clothes for longer and without standing 6 feet away from your friends. 
  • Reduced environmental footprint. By using less water over your clothing’s lifespan, your use of Polygiene technology will dramatically decrease your use of water. 
  • Increased lifespan and durability. Polygiene apparel reduces odour and washing, two leading causes of fibre abrasion and breakdown in your clothes. In other words, your Polygiene apparel lasts longer. 
A couple in Polygiene apparel

Minimise your environmental footprint

Polygiene’s belief is that our environment is at the centre of sustainability. Their exceptional technology aims to limit the use of resources today (particularly water), to ensure the availability of those resources for future generations.

Polygiene in our gear

You’ll find Polygiene within our apparel, shoes, sleeping bag liners and accessories.


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