Gifts For All Kinds of Travellers

Getting prepared for the next adventure makes all the difference. So whether they’re about to embark on their first big trip, travel for work, or love to travel to exotic destinations as much as possible — we've got a gift with their name on it.

Travel Gifts for Women

An Adaptable Travel Dress

The Adapt Wrap Dress is made for travellers. Reversible, light and comfortable, this ingenious travel dress also features Freshguard technology so you can wear it for longer. Part of our REPREVE range, the dress also features a blend of recycled polyester and lyocell that feels soft against the skin. The flattering design draws in at the waist and features two designs – stripes on one side, floral on the other. You’ll gift two dresses for the price of one.

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A Merino Cardigan

Every traveller should have a few good quality merino garments in their wardrobe. Merino wool naturally regulates your temperature making it ideal for warm and cool climates. It also has the added benefit of smelling fresher for longer and offers excellent warmth for weight – that is, it’s very light considering how warm it keeps you.

A merino midlayer, like a stylish cardigan, is particularly versatile. You can pack it in your carry-on, wear it out on the town, or layer it over merino shirts for extra warmth. Consider a heavier merino jacket if you’re gifting for a specific cold-weather trip.

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A Lightweight Down Vest

This lightweight down vest gets a bunch of positive reviews and it’s easy to see why: warm without the bulk, the vest sits close to the body for a flattering fit. Like most down garments, it compresses down easily to give you more room in your backpack or suitcase. A thoughtful gift for the traveller who can’t stay out of the cold.

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Comfy Travel leggings

Leggings as pants? We’re a fan. The Trenah leggings look smart, feel great, and provide a comfy, lightweight option to jeans. The high-waisted fit features flattering seam lines so they can be worn on their own or under a dress. You’ll even save some weight in your backpack. Give someone the gift of a comfy long-haul flight.

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A secure over-the-shoulder bag

For more urban adventures, an over-the-shoulder bag is a welcome gift. It looks good, makes for easy access, and sits close to the body so you can keep an eye on your valuables.

And when it comes to security, the Transit RFIDtech Pocket doesn’t mess around. It features a cut-resistant shoulder strap, tamper resistant zip pullers, and RFID protection to keep your personal information safe. It’s adaptable too! Simply remove the shoulder strap and it converts to a clutch.

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A deluxe toiletry bag

Featuring two spacious compartments, the Kit Capacious toiletry bag has plenty of room to stash full-size bottles, make-up, medications, first-aid, sunscreen and all the other travel essentials. The Kit Capacious also features internal dividers to make organisation a breeze.

Buy it for a family, a couple or that one person who needs more than what 100mL can offer them.

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Travel Gifts for Men

A cap with a secret pocket

From the outset, it looks like any other stylish hat. But you can leave your wallet at home because this nifty accessory features a hidden travel pocket for secure, easy access to credit cards.

Made from a breathable blend of cotton and linen, your friend or family member will keep cool and comfortable while exploring the city. Perfect for the sun smart traveller.

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A belt that gets through airport security

Phone, wallet, sunglasses and belt, it’s an irksome, but necessary routine at airport security. Help speed things up with the Caldera belt.

Made from plastic and nylon, the Caldera won't set off the security sensors. Now they can grab their carry-on, nod knowingly to the security guards, and make their way to the gate. Unsurprisingly, this belt also hold up their pants.

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A secure money pouch

Hot travel tip: always keep at least one ATM card on your person instead of your pack or wallet. In the unlikely event your stuff goes missing, you’ll always have access to cash.

A discreet money pouch will let you just that. The RFIDtech money pouch can be worn around the neck for easy access. With in-built RDIFtech technology, it will also protect credit cards safe from digital theft. Unlike some other money pouches on the market, this one even feels nice against your skin. Give the gift of peace of mind.

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A versatile jacket

It’s hard to find the perfect jacket to take on your travels, but the Nduro jacket ticks a lot of boxes. Made with durability and versatility in mind, the Nduro contains CORDURA™ NYCO fabric, an abrasion-resistant, military-grade, fabric. You can wear it hiking, travelling, or just walking the streets.

Get caught in light rain? No problem. The STORM COTTON technology has a water repellent finish and it’ll dry a whopping 40% faster than untreated cotton. With two-way stretch for comfort and three colours to choose from, this is one high-performance gift.

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Federate boots

For the adventurous, lightweight traveller, packing the right shoes for your travels can be a challenge. Which is why the versatile Federate boot makes such an excellent gift.

These stylish walkers have Vibram Megagrip soles for traction and durability on the trail, yet feel light on downtown pavements. The stylish leather upper isn’t your typical hiking shoe aesthetic, either. The Federate was designed with a more urban look, so your favourite traveller can easily transition from sight-seeing, to the trail, to a well-deserved evening beverage.

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Gifts for the Gap Year Traveller

A microfibre towel

Chances are your first-time traveller will be sleeping in hostels, and while some offer towels, many don’t. This practical gift is a necessity if they want to avoid drying themselves with yesterday's T-shirt (and still have some room in their pack for souvenirs).

At just 160g, you might as well gift the large microfibre towel — it doubles as a beach towel for those impromptu day trips.

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An inflatable travel pillow

Your future traveller is about to spend a lot of time on many a plane, bus and boat, which is usually a good time to catch up on sleep. Make that cramped bus journey a little more comfortable with an inflatable pillow.

A lightweight inflatable pillow is ideal when you're backpacking. They can blow it up when they need it, and keep it out of the way when they don't.

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A lasting battery pack

Our smart phones are the ultimate travel agent. They can book accommodation, translate a phrase, and find the best restaurant in town. But it becomes a lot harder when you're phone is out of battery and you're on the move. It's also why the most hotly contested real estate in a dorm room isn't the shower, toilet, or even the bottom bunk — it's the electrical outlets.

Luckily, the Goal Zero Flip can charge a smart phone up to three times before it runs out of juice. Help keep them in touch.

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A Sleeping liner

The secret bit of gear for every experienced backpacker, this cotton liner with Polygiene and Buzzguard is made for adventures. Simply pop in a sleeping bag as is, or use it on its own as a breathable sleeping sheet. The Polygiene technology will help keep it fresher for longer, while Buzzguard will help protect them from pesky insect bites.

Ideal for warmer climates like South America and South East Asia, they'll thank you when they find themselves on questionable bunk beds, suspicious overnight trains, or camping on the beach.

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The ultimate backpack

No need to overthink it, first-timers don’t need a backpack with all the bells and whistles. Their first backpack should have a proper harness, lockable zips, and just enough room for what they need. The 65L Entrada backpack has all this and a detachable daypack, which makes life a lot easier.

Available in standard sizing, and a Women's Fit, it's a generous gift they'll get a lot of love out of.

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Gift pack idea: Put together your very own little survival pack with the travel essentials. We recommend you include small essentials that might be left off their list. Think locks, adaptors, a small torch, travel wipes and hand sanitiser.

Gifts for work and business travel

Configure Travel pillow

Know someone that’s constantly on a red-eye flight between major cities? Who can’t find the right travel pillow to contend with international jetlag? Give them the gift of rest, with the configure travel pillow. It’s a little bit of luxury that will help them perform at their best.

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A resistance training kit

For those who like to keep active on the move, this packable training kit will help keep them fit no matter where they are. Complete with instructions, all they need is some workout gear and their own body weight. They can use it in the nearest park or in their hotel room.

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A carry-on bag

A carry-on is essential for overnight or weekend work trips, and the best ones are durable, lightweight and comfortable.

For quick trips, the litehaul carry-on is the holy grail of smart packing. Specifically designed to make carry-on a breeze, it features easy access to your laptop and converts from a backpack to a brief to a shoulder bag. Practical, but stylish, the litehaul won't look out of place at a meeting room, a restaurant, or just out and about.

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Anti-odour packing cells

If your frequent traveller doesn't use packing cells, you're about to change the way they pack. They can help create more room in your luggage and help keep you organised — ideal when you need to get ready in a hurry.

While there are plenty of packing cells on offer, the anti-odour packing cell helps minimise any musty smells. Perfect for the person who won't have time to launder on the go.

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Corespun merino

Corespun merino is the next generation of merino products and incorporates a nylon core for stronger, more durable clothing. The result is a range of machine-washable, comfortable merino clohing that still offers all of the benefits of merino wool: natural temperature regulation, odour control and next-to-skin-comfort.

Ideal for all kinds of travellers, it's perfect for those who travel with carry-on. Merino clothing is lightweight and can be layered on top of eachother in cool weather, or worn on its own when the weather is fine.

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The best gifts for travellers are light, adaptable, and durable. Get inspired with our range of travel gift ideas.