Gifts For The Trail Runner and Fitness Enthusiast

Got a mate that spends every weekend flogging the trail? Or maybe they've got a new years resolution to spend more time outside? Help them reach their goals with an assortment of lightweight, durable gear.

Light clothing

Made to be lightweight yet durable, with specific stitching to avoid rubbing and irritation, the Zeolite clothing range is designed for trail running.

If you have mates that are into running, either on or off the trail, they’ll appreciate the Zeolite range:

  • Zeolite T-Shirt – dries quickly and helps keep you cool
  • Run Vest– effortlessly access all your essential trail running gear
  • Shorts – supportive inner with multiple pockets on the outer
  • Leggings – manage moisture and stretch with your movements
  • Jacket – waterproof shell with adjustable hood that easily sits over your hydration pack.

Put their best foot forward

If you really want to get them a gift with a difference, opt in for a high-performance shoe. A pair of shoes that can handle the terrain is absolutely vital.

Key considerations are how they grip on gravel, mud and dirt, how they protect your feet when impacting rocks and roots, and whether they’re built well enough to prevent excessive foot rotation.

A few options that can provide the right comfort and traction include the:

Not your ordinary socks

The best trail running shoes you can find won’t be enough to push your fitness levels further – not without a fitting pair of socks to support them.

Choose something like the Merino Trail Running Socks to give them that extra level of comfort.

The right pack for lasting the distance

Unless you’re planning on running very short distances, you’ll need a hydration pack – or even a lightweight run pack with storage capacity for snacks, your phone and car keys.

Aside from the ultralight Zeolite Run Vest detailed above, one of the following packs makes an excellent gift:

  • Nitron Pack – organised, intuitive and with quick access storage solutions
  • Axion Pack – includes a harness that compresses your pack load close to the body
  • Apparition Active Pack – a versatile pack that’s designed to move with you.

Deflect the sun’s harsh rays

Gaining strength and fitness outdoors will prove a lot easier with a pair of slick-fitting, UV repelling sunnies. If you they like to run in the early morning or late evening, comfortable sunglasses will be even more important for their vision on the trail.

A few brands you may want to look into are:

  • Traveler by TOMS – mirrored lenses with flexible frames in a vintage style
  • Shwood – made from natural and sustainable materials to give a timeless look
  • Polaroid – high levels of UV protection for seeing the world in perfect clarity

Accessorise with a purpose

Running for fitness has its challenges so make their training (or casual exercise) easier with some useful accessories.