Gifts For The Camper

From camp mod-cons to lightweight gear. From cooking equipment to night lights. Whether your family and friends camp by the beach or hike to isolated escapes, we have the camping gift ideas for their next adventure to become a memorable one.

For the light camper

To make their next adventure easier and more enjoyable, look at some of these lightweight camping gifts. Perfect for that friend or family member planning their next overland adventure at multiple campsites.

For the tramping camper

Are they the type to get off-the-beaten-track? They'll need a selection of fit-for-purpose gear.

Trading off comfort for less weight is a balancing act, so these gifts will be well-loved:

For the ‘gourmet cook’ camper

After a long day spent fishing off rocks, swimming in the sea and chilling on the beach, there are many of us who like channel our remaining energy into quality food.

And to create that wonder meal, we need a few tools of the trade. Give your budding camping chef one of these outdoor favourites:

  • Retreat Double Cupboard – all the space you need to lay out your essential herbs, oils and spices
  • Retreat Four Piece Cook Set – instead of holding back on cooking equipment, grab an all-in-one set like this one
  • Gasmate Stove – your alternative (or supplement) to cooking on a barbeque
  • Retreat Table – present your banquet to friends and family in full, uninhibited glory
  • Cabana Table and Benches – essential for your group of outdoor enthusiasts to really enjoy the outdoor cooking experience.

For the camper who stumbles around in the dark

When natural light fades into the evening and you need another light source, choose one of these luminous options:

For the camper who likes a cheeky beverage

A tough day relaxing by the beach or chilling out in the campground calls for a cold one, and what better way to keep your bevvies cool than in the:

For the mini camper

It wouldn’t be summer camping without a little fun in the sun. Grab a few of our outdoor toys as a thoughtful summer gift for the kids – they'll have a blast on their next camping trip with some of these outdoor games and activities.

For the glamper

Have some friends that would only go camping if maximum comfort is involved? Look no further than these extravagant camping presents: