5 camping tips for a long weekend

A long weekend is a great time to get outdoors, reconnect with nature, and spend quality time with friends and family. Get the most out of your extra day or two with these five handy tips.

1. Pack for a weekend rather than a whole week.

You’ll have a more memorable camping break if you pack less rather than more. Aim to pack just enough to enjoy the long weekend. Overloading the car with bits and pieces only makes for a mission setting up camp — and again when it comes time to pack up.

Hot tip: Packing cells are an excellent addition to your camping trip. They can help you organise your most necessary items into small spaces.

2. Bring a smaller tent

Do you really need to take that three bedroom, five door house in a bag? Surely not for just a few nights. A smaller two or three person hiking tent will do the trick — and you’ll enjoy the time-saving luxury of having your tent up in minutes rather than hours. Winning!

Keep things simple when time is limited
Keep things simple when time is limited

3. Invest in time-saving camping essentials

It can be tempting to take the ‘just in case’ approach where you travel with absolutely everything you might possibly need. Cooking equipment is a great example. Instead, aim to pack light and bring easy-to-set-up gear.

  • For two to three people, bring cooking gear that would suit a multi-day hike. One to two smaller pots and pans with a gas burner is probably all you’ll need. Less gear to pack, clean, and repack on the way out.

  • Similarly, pack your clothing into a smaller pack to help you bring less.

  • Invest in easy-to-set-up camping furniture for when you arrive and switch into relaxation mode.

Less time setting up, more time for memories
Less time setting up, more time for memories

4. Be well prepared

A little planning will help you get the most out of your long weekend. Make a list of camp gear you’ll need and gather it together a few days before your trip to help your adventure run smoother.

Logistics are also a key consideration – ask yourself:

  • Can you book your campsite in advance?
  • Can you have your car packed to hit the road straight after work?
  • Can you avoid peak traffic by timing your trip out of the city?

Keep your stress levels low (or non-existent) and you'll spend more time doing what you love.

5. Camp a little closer to home

Avoid travelling in the car for half a day if you can. Instead, maximise your time in the outdoors by choosing a camping spot that’s only a few hours away.

With so many magic camping spots around the country, the opportunities are there to make the most of the great outdoors.

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