1. Micro Waste Washing Bag - Guppyfriend

Micro Waste Washing Bag - Guppyfriend

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Stop microfibre pollution

You can help prevent tiny fibres from your synthetic clothing being washed into our waterways. Add the Guppyfriend™ Washing Bag to your laundry cycles whenever you wash fleece or other synthetics. It acts as a filter to stop the tiniest microfibres coming out in the wash. Help prevent micro waste by adapting your washing routine.

Dimensions 50 cm × 74 cm 

Weight 79 g

Composition: Polyamide 6.6

  • Filter microfibres when washing your fleece or other synthetic clothes
  • Reduces the amount of microfibres that enter waterways through your laundry washes
  • Protects and extends the lifetime of your synthetic garments
  • Tested by renowned scientific institutes – such as the German Textile Research Institute and the University of California
  • Fully recyclable

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