From Carbon Zero by 2025 to our Zero Waste program, we are working hard to reduce our environmental impact.





Our Best for the World 2025 program helps us to lead as a business for good. 

From incorporating circularity principles into our business to lifting up communities, our goals aim to make real social and environmental impacts.

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Our Human Rights programs look to give our workers a voice, improve transparency in our supply chains, improve wages, and pursue human rights for those in our community.

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Become carbon neutral. It’s a simple sentence that incorporates so much.

We’ve developed a 5-year plan that aspires for operating ‘zero waste to landfill facilities’, finding alternatives to plastic polybags in our supply chain and reducing or recycling waste across our business.

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It takes 2,700 litres of water to make a single cotton t-shirt with traditional manufacturing.

Our H2OPE-branded products involve innovations in water-saving technologies. This includes progress in fabric dying, bio-based synthetics and sustainably sourced cotton.

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Our goal is to become carbon zero by 2025.

Tracking and measuring our footprint, carbon offsetting, and investing in regenerative infrastructure all help to reduce our direct impact before we look to indirect contributors to carbon emissions.

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Our Green Building Program helps reduce our operational footprint and enhance team member well-being.

We already have three 5-Star Green Star buildings as part of our operations and are actively installing stores with renewable sources of energy and other initiatives to move them towards having a positive environmental impact.

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Our partnerships are critical to innovations in the sustainability of our materials.

We work with a range of industry groups to reduce the impact of our materials on the environment, from reducing the use of harmful chemicals to protecting endangered forests.

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Dive deeper with our 2020 Sustainability Report  or check out some of our past reports and current policies.

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