1. Flint Stick Firestarter v2

Flint Stick Firestarter v2

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Quick Overview

Water resistant fire starter; ideal for lighting fires in all weather conditions or at altitude. Suitable for camping, fishing and hiking. Reliable and easy to use. Ignite your stove or build fires from paper, dry grass or bark. Made from durable magnesium all to last 5000-12000 strikes. Very efficient, the spark ignites reaching temperatures up to 3000 degrees.

8.5cm L x 2.5cm W

Weight 30g

To use
1. Build a small pile of dry grass, paper or dry bark pieces.
2. Strike the rod a couple of times to remove the oxide coating, exposing fresh material.
3. Position the edge of the striker so that it's effectively trying to shave off a thin layer of the rod.
4. Hold the striker still and pull the rod back.
5. Once hot sparks are produced, the material will light. As the flame establishes itself, lay more material or small sticks.

Never light fires where you are not permitted. If strikers surface becomes excessively wet, wipe dry before using. Keep out of reach of children.

  • Highly efficient, the spark ignites and reaches temperatures up to 3000 degrees
  • Water-resistant fire starter
  • 5,000-12,000 strikes

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