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Outward Bound

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Outward Bound courses are renowned for extreme locations and challenging activities. Having gear that can withstand year-round use is crucial.

In 2005 Kathmandu formed a community partnership with New Zealand’s Outward Bound. The outdoor education centre inspires participants to challenge themselves and connect with the outdoors to develop leadership and resilience skills.

Outward Bound enhances your connection with the outdoors. Get a behind-the-scenes look.

Developing gear together

Kathmandu works with Outward Bound to decide which products best suit their demanding trips into the wilderness — for these participants, it's essential to have the right gear.

Kathmandu and key Outward Bound staff have been working together to test and refine new technical products. Outward Bound instructors are often recruited as testers for our product department.

Together, we developed the Anakiwa Sleeping Bag, which provides superior warmth in some of the harshest environments.

Outward Bound scholarships

Each year Kathmandu offers four Outward Bound Scholarships to New Zealand residents only.

For more information on Outward Bound courses, visit the Outward Bound website.

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