Beach Tents, Shelters & Shades


Be sun safe with our range of sun and beach shelters:

Our sun shelters come in a range of shapes and sizes. So whether you’re at the beach, the park, or the pool, you’ll have on-demand sun protection for you and the family.

Going to a festival? Sun shelters can be an excellent lightweight alternative to heavy camping gazebos. Most are easy to assemble, and can take up less room in your car.

If you’re not on the move, a sun shelter is great for the home. A backyard sun shelter will provide sun protection for the kids as they play outdoors, create additional privacy, or just provide shade where you need it most. Don’t have an enclosed patio for entertaining? Opt for a sun shelter instead.

Beach shelters

A good sun shade is an essential summer accessory, and if you’re headed to the beach, look for a beach shelter with extra features like wind resistance, ventilation and lockable zips.

Stay worry free with a large family beach shelter that will provide protection to the whole brood. Set it up over a picnic table, bring it to the waterpark, or just enjoy a day by the ocean.

Camping shelters

You can use your typical beach shelters and sun shelters when you’re camping, but sometimes it’s necessary to go big.

For a truly epic experience for all your friends and family, opt for a large camping shelter or gazebo to create an outdoor living area. It should be a refuge from the weather — and a comfortable, fun, place to hang out.

A good camping shelter should offer sun protection at a minimum, but keep an eye out for features like wind resistance, waterproof ceilings and screens — to keep pesky insects at bay.

Unlike your typical camping gazebo, specialised camping shelters can connect tents and offer extra living space between them. Great for kids and music festivals.