Camping Beds & Stretchers


Some may find camping an uncomfortable experience for the limited bedding available. With the right Kathmandu camping bed, blow up mattress, or portable bed you will be able to receive that extra comfort between you and the floor.

Camp stretcher, blow up mattress or inflatable bed – which is best for you?

There are many aspects that may impact your decision when purchasing either a camp stretcher, blow up mattress, or inflatable bed. Kathmandu has lots of options that will make your sleep as comfortable as possible. Our beds can also include a carry bag, making it easy to re-pack.

Camping beds for a weekend away

Kathmandu's blow up mattresses and blow up beds are easy to assemble, while our portable beds and camp stretchers are easy to fold away. Some camp stretchers have pockets to hold your phone, torch and other essentials. Inflatable beds also have cushioning comfort to make your sleep all the more restful.

Camping beds for a couple of weeks away

If you combine a camp stretcher with an inflatable mattress, you’ll create your own portable bed. Or choose one over the other and either will give you the well needed rest you've earned from your day. Many of our camp stretchers include aluminium, making them lightweight, sturdy and portable. These camp stretchers will also allow you to leave your belongings stored away beneath to help keep your tent tidy. Our inflatable mattresses and blow up beds are durable, comfortable and packable.

Kids camping beds

Kathmandu's kids camping beds are designed for kids. However, there is also the option of your kids sharing an inflatable mattress or even a blow up bed. With whatever camping bed you choose, your kids will be sure to get a good night's sleep.