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The Ascent of Mount Rinjani


Kathmandu takes two Summit Club members and two team leaders on a gruelling trek up to the summit of mighty Mt Rinjani.

Our crew members Natalie, Nick, Ruth and Luciano spent five days hiking up to (and down from) the summit of mighty Mt Rinjani (3726m), an active volcano on the Indonesian island of Lombok.

Through lush forests, across bamboo bridges that span deep gorges, and over ridges that offer soaring views of the blue crater lake, the crew put our new summer hiking gear through its paces.

“That was a lot harder than I expected,” said Ruth, on reaching the summit. “But the view at the top was stunning. You could see the whole island. It was worth it, worth all the sore muscles.”

“It’s interesting, heading off on an adventure with people you don’t know,” said Natalie. “Our paths never would have crossed until this trip, and here we are on the top of a mountain together. That’s travel!”