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BuzzGUARD: Insect Protection


BuzzGUARD is an ingenious technology that uses an insect-repelling fabric treatment to ward off crawling and flying insects. BuzzGUARD is safe, odourless and long lasting, providing comfort and peace of mind in any environment, from urban to outdoor.

Our BuzzGUARD insect-repellent technology is safe, odourless and long-lasting, providing comfort, protection and peace of mind when outdoors.

On our adventure through Lombok, where this is a risk of contracting mosquito-born diseases such as malaria and Dengue fever, Summit Club member Ruth gear-tested and reviewed the Pangsoon Women's Long Sleeve Travel Shirt, which features buzzGUARD technology.

In the video above, Kathmandu Senior Apparel Designer Yvonne Rullmann explains how buzzGUARD works.