Thermals & Underwear

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Snow and thermals go together like a log fire and marshmallows – they’re naturally compatible. Ensure you’re well prepared for winter fun with thermal underwear, tops and pants to keep your core body temperature warm.

At Kathmandu, we have thermals for all outdoor activities whether you’re into your skiing, mountain climbing, hunting or travelling. If you’re in need of thermal long johns or thermal leggings, you’ll find them on our site.

Thermals – a winter necessity

Increasing your physical activity will raise your body temperature, causing you to react by sweating in an attempt to cool yourself down. The result is a bunch of sweaty clothes sticking to your body – unless you’re wearing thermals.

Thermal underwear won’t make you cold as it won’t absorb your sweat. It will keep you warm, dry and comfortable.

If you decide to wear thermals, make sure you cover your entire body by using: Thermal underwear, thermal singlets or tops, thermal tights or pants.

On our site you can find a variety of women’s thermals and underwear and men’s thermals and base layers to suit all seasons.

Thermal underwear – practical and fast-drying

One of the main positives of wearing thermals is their ability to dry quickly and be fully functional after getting wet.

Cotton pants could take all day to dry whereas your thermal pants will be ready to go within hours. Likewise, your thermal tops will also be wearable not long after getting wet.

The functionality and versatility of thermals

Choose the right kind of thermals and they’ll be useful year round. Offering versatility from winter to autumn, a thin layer of thermal underwear can be comfortable at altitude in summer. Similarly, a thermal singlet and pair of thermal long johns may suit your environment and climate in early spring.

Almost like your second skin, thermal underwear has developed to the point where it enables you to have complete freedom of movement. It’s functional material at minimal weight.

Whether you’re looking for thermal singlets, pants or leggings, your choice of ski and snow thermals and underwear will keep your body warm and comfortable when in the mountains.