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Outward Bound

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Kathmandu and Outward Bound – Partners since 2005. Our continued support for Outward Bound stems from our desire to inspire our customers to experience the outdoors and Live the Dream™. We see Outward Bound and the experiences they provide as a bridge for people to discover or enhance their connection with the outdoors. Outward Bound's link with the outdoors makes it easy to see why Kathmandu wants to be involved.


Kathmandu Live the Dream Outward Bound Scholarships

Each year Kathmandu offers four Live the Dream™ Outward Bound Scholarships.

For more information on Outward Bound courses, visit outwardbound.co.nz

Kathmandu Clothing and Equipment at Outward Bound

Outward Bound courses are renowned for extreme locations and challenging activities. Having gear that can withstand being used all year-round is crucial. Kathmandu works with Outward Bound to decide what products would best suit their demanding needs. Some of the most critical pieces of equipment are the tents and packs students take into the bush and use throughout their course.

Given the tough environment that Outward Bound runs its courses in and the technical expertise of its instructors, Kathmandu and some key Outward Bound staff have been working together to test and refine new technical products including new sleeping bag designs, and ongoing testing of existing products.

Watch our video below for more information on Kathmandu's partnership with Outward Bound and for inspiration to take the challenge.

Kathmandu, in partnership with Outward Bound, developed the Anakiwa Sleeping Bag; providing superior warmth in some of the harshest environments. Watch our video on the Anakiwa Sleeping Bag below.